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About ME - Michelle Eld

Do you have boring content on your website that’s just not getting you any traffic? Is your copy riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes? If your numbers are suffering and you’re not getting picked up on the search engines, lack of compelling content could be to blame. Words Matter! You need someone skilled in carefully crafted web content that draws the reader in and weaves in the SEO necessary to get the major search engines like Google to take notice.

That’s where Michelle Eld Creative Writing Services comes in. An experienced writer and editor with more than 22 years of experience in the industry, Michelle specializes in website content, blogs, articles and more, servicing clients all over the globe. Based in the Boston area, Michelle Eld Creative Writing Services can address your content needs no matter where you are located.

Specialties include:

  • Creation of web content, landing pages, blogs, and articles
  • Complete editing services for articles, white papers, manuscripts and books
  • Social media and WordPress posting
  • SEO and keyword usage to increase website traffic
  • Writing, editing, formatting, uploading content for the web
  • Database and content planner maintenance
If your website needs to rank and look good, Michelle Eld Creative Writing Services can help. Fill out the contact form today!

Michelle Eld Creative Writing produces high-quality content that:

  • Engages your readers
  • Strengthens relationships with your audience
  • Adds value to your business

Gain the competitive edge you need to stand out above the rest. It all starts with killer content!

Samples of writing furnished upon request.

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